Performance is an important element in a student’s musical education.

Students are not required but highly encouraged to participate in the activities throughout the year.

Students are given an opportunity to perform in recitals held at the end of the Spring, Summer, and Fall semesters. Admission is free to all recitals and concerts. So friends and family can attend and enjoy the performances. Everyone is encouraged to participate in these concerts to show their progress, meet new people, and inspire each other! We feel that building a community of musicians and lasting friendships help motivate everyone involved.


The Spring and Christmas recitals take place at The Sanctuary in Hazelwood, MO. Students perform songs and show their progress to friends, family, and other students in attendance. The indoor recitals are semi-formal with professional photography.


At the end of the Summer semester, we have fun with an outdoor, casual event on the lawn adjacent to the building. Everyone brings their own lawn chairs for an evening of relaxation and fun celebrating the students’ accomplishments over the Summer session.


A student must be enrolled and actively involved in lessons for one full semester before he or she can perform in a recital. After one semester a student will be evaluated by their instructor to see if they are ready to perform or if they still need a little more time.