Performance Opportunities

Performance is an important element in a student’s musical education. Because of this we offer a wide range of performance opportunities. Students are not required, but highly encouraged to participate in many different activities throughout the year.

Teacher helping student


Recitals are held at the end of the spring and fall semesters and take place at The Sanctuary in Hazelwood, MO. Students perform songs and show their progress to friends, family and other students in attendance. The recitals are semi-formal and are in a relaxed atmosphere to make the experience enjoyable. (Students must be enrolled one full semester before participating in recitals)

Summer Concert

The School of Music participates in an outdoor summer concert at the end of the summer semester. The city of Florissant allows us to showcase our students and faculty to the community meanwhile giving students another avenue to experience performing live. These concerts are well attended and have become a great night out with music and fun for many in the north county area.

Community Service Events

During each semester students can sign up to play in a community service event. We believe there is nothing better than giving back to the community and sharing the gift of music with others. Students really enjoy playing for these events, and at the same time gain more experience playing in front of an audience. This is a win win opportunity and has become a highlight for many students here at the school.